GTD Coaching Training Sessions

What is Getting Things Done Coaching?

We are all individuals – we learn and improve our skills differently. Some read a book, some prefer a course and others are more hands on. Coaching helps with this latter preference. Independently of your prior knowledge of- and experience with Getting Things Done, coaching is a way to learn and improve your skills.

There is something for everyone with coaching!

During a coaching session we meet desk-side, in person, at your workstation to start learning GTD. Or up your game if you already know the methodology. We will go through it and set your system up. We will tackle your real-life challenges.

You can find more information about the coaching program here (in Swedish).

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Coaching alternatives

All alternatives are inperson at your workplace.

2 days coaching
We spend 2 full days together.

1 day coaching
A full workday of coaching.

4hrs coaching
4 hours GTD assessment coaching.

Executive and support staff
2 days coaching one day with an executive and one day with a support staff member. Creating a productivity dreamteam.

Help me out!

Martin is currently in the process of getting certified as a Getting Things Done workflow coach. During this process a set of coaching session needs to be done as training to full fill David Allen Companies high certification standards. Would you help me out as a test coachee? 

For these test sessions we use Swedish or English.

What you get

  • Pre- and Post call and coaching session(s).
  • Individual training in GTD.
  • Learn or improve your GTD skills.

What it costs

  • Material at cost (600-800 SEK)
  • You agree to submit evaluation form(s) to help me improve.

The training program will happen early fall 2021. Only a handfull of seats (6) – if you are interested submit your interest today!

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David Allen talks about the coaching program